Benefits for Banks

Diversified revenue

Win an additional stream of revenue through our re-seller programme uniquely designed for your needs

Accelerated Growth

Onboard customers faster and increase conversion by making it easy for users to complete their identification, authentication and authorisation.

Cost savings

Reduce cost by moving away from traditional paper based processes to a digital and reusable eID.

Happy Customers

Improve the customer experience by increasing the level of flexibility, security and ease
of doing business.

Benefits for Users

Save Time

Remove the need to visit a physical branch and queue for hours.

Flexible & Convenient

Verify your identity, authorise payments, open new bank accounts and much more, whilst on the go or sitting in the comfort of your home.


Ensure your identity is protected to the highest standard and eliminate the risk of identity theft and/or financial fraud.

One eID - many use cases

Use a single eID to do business with different service providers in Bulgaria.

Use Cases

Log in to TPPs with BankID

Users can use the BankID app to securely prove their digital identity and log in to different third party providers’ platforms/portals/sites

Apply for a Loan / Credit

Forget about office working hours, queues and traveling to the branch of your loan/credit provider. The BankID app is accepted by major financial and government institutions in Bulgaria, allowing users to submit a request for a loan/credit any time of the day

Payment Authorization

Currently the process of payment authorisation requires too many steps. With BankID, users will be able to safely approve payments at a click of a button

Tax eFile

File your taxes and avoid unnecessary paperwork, identifications and authorisations with a government accepted, standardised eID

Regulatory compliance


BankID is PSD2 compliant by design and offers the most secure and convenient way to perform Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) procedures.


eIDAS is an example of a trust framework, backed by government regulations. This is a prerequisite for the federation of identities, where an eID issued by one party can be consumed and recognised by others institutions.


GDPR requires all parties to process personally identifiable information (PII) in a safe and secure way, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

How it works

An easy four step-journey to create a user’s eID that is accepted by major service providers and government institutions in Bulgaria.


The bank sends the Know Your Customer (KYC) info of the client to a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and requests an eIDAS certificate


Once received, the bank uses the certificate to bind the person's identity to a cryptographic key.


The key is stored within the Separated Secure Execution Environment of the user’s smartphone for maximum security and data privacy.


The client can use their private key
for Identification, Authentication,
Electronic Signatures and Аttribute Verification across different service providers in Bulgaria.


We launched BankID with a mission to bring Bulgaria to the digital age by letting customers use a single eID framework across different service providers.

We work with leading Bulgarian banks, government institutions and service providers in Bulgaria to make BankID the standard method of confirming a user’s digital identity.
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